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Exchanged Used Bottle Plastic with GoPay Balances

By Eskanisa R

19 December 2019

#NiatMurni help preserve environment with exchanged used plastic bottle with GoPay.

In October 31, 2019, Ades initiated interesting program #NiatMurni with Gojek which was fully supported by Waste4Change to invite people solve used bottle plastic problems. This program run for three months since October and held in the first six cities in Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Medan, Semarang dan Surabaya.

#NiatMurni invites people to sort and collect used plastic bottles that will be recycled later. Every time you send minimum 50 used PRT used plastic bottles (verified by waste bank) from your home or office using GoSend, you will get a reward, 2,000 Ades Points (equivalent with Rp20.000) to be exchanged with GoPay balances, PLN token, and also phone credit.

Procedure is very easy, Ades consumers and Gojek users simply click here and follow these following steps:

1. Register by entering your telephone number and address (home or office)

2. Prepare 50 used and crashed plastic bottles and wrapped in cardboard neatly

3. Do not forget to put unique code you get after register

4. Choose send with GoSend, driver will pick your used plastic bottles package

Click here to find out more about this interesting and beneficial program as well as help the environment.

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