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Experience Exotic Cuisine at Samarra Pasar Sate & Wine

Experience Exotic Cuisine at Samarra Pasar Sate & Wine

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When entering this restaurant, you will feel as if you are in a Middle East. Indeed, the Samarra Pasar Sate & Wine carries the Iranian and Syrian architecture and ornaments styles. The name Samarra was taken from an old city by the banks of Tigris River, Iraq. With the signature Arabian music and scent, you can forget being in Jakarta for a while. This is the purpose of Tugu Hotels & Restaurant Group to resurrecting the beautiful Samarra City.

The foods are also as interesting. Samarra serves Indonesian dish that is influenced by Arabian style. From the name “Pasar Sate” or “satay market” you can guess that Samarra is returning the village tradition in Java and Bali, where satay sellers parade their foods. That is why the most recommended menu at Samarra is The Satay Parade, which are various styles of satay from many places in Java and Bali. Served with many types of sauces and chili condiments, the menu suits if you come in a group.

There are other menus if you want to try the Middle Eastern foods, such as Kambing Panggang Suku Bedouin or Samarra Mussaman Kare, which is meat curry that brought by the Arabian and Indian traders hundreds of years ago. They also serve selection of quality cocktails and wine to accompany your dish. You will have an exotic and delicious meal here!


Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No. 77, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



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