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Expensive Plants and Flowers to Beautify Your Spaces

By Eskanisa R

09 October 2020

Plants that are so easy to take care of.

Photo source: Pinterest

The fact that there are more people who have found growing plants and flowers are good for mental health is a silver lining to this pandemic. Besides how they look great in the room and outside, plants and flowers may reduce psychological disorders.

In other side, as reported from Hello Sehat, having plants around the home help to reduce anxiety and stress. Hence, very high enthusiasm make these following plants and flowers expensive as we found from vary resources.

1. Aglaonema

Also known as Sri Rejeki this plant became a trend in 2005 – 2006. The vibrant and colourful with strikingly patterned attractive leaves make this plant become one of the top selling item on export-import plants with fantastic price up to Rp500.000 for a leaf.

2. Hydrangea

Another name for hydrangea is hortensia. In Indonesia this plant known as Kembang Bokor. This one have been popular garden plants for decades because of their myriad varieties. Most recognizable hydrangeas have blue, purple, and pink flower heads. Put the hydrangeas in the garden or next to the fences with sunny morning and shady afternoon. Speaking about the price, this plant also expensive, up to Rp100.000 for a stem.

3. Monstera adansonii

Also known as Janda Bolong, this plant is so popular especially to plant enthusiasts. Because of the unique marble variegation, mixture of green and white leafage makes delicate look make everyone so obsessed. For the most part, Monstera adasonii are not too different from other plants that grow well under the good light and regular watering. This even worth up to Rp100.000.000, so which one do you want to grow?

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