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Extra Steps if You Need to Go to the Hospital during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

22 July 2020

Feeling safety if you need to visit hospital due this pandemic.

Photo source: Pixabay

Thus far, government required people to stay at home to prevent for getting and spreading COVID-19, including those who need medical care. But, if you really have to go to hospital or other medical facilities, following these extra steps we reporting from vary resources to prevent for getting and spreading the virus.
  • Wearing mask and keep safe distance. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Dr dr Ari Fahrian Syam revealed the importance of wearing mask and keep safe distance while visiting medical facilities as reported from Kompas.
  • Choose tight yet comfortable mask to cover your nose and mouth. It would also be better to use face shield or glasses.
  • Use hand sanitizer as often as possible. Medical facilities provided hand sanitizers for visitors and proper sink as possible anticipation of massive transmission of the virus. It way better to wash your hands with soap under running water to kill bacteria, germs, and virus.
  • Keep safe distance from other visitors at least 1 meter in queue or waiting room.
  • Take the stairs to go up and down the building. If you should use elevator, apply the ethics of using elevator.
  • Do not touch any object or surface during your visit. You may touch invisible droplets from COVID-19 patients. If you accidentally touch something, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately.
  • Applying cough and sneezing ethics.
  • Applying clean toilet ethics.
  • Use non-cash payments to purchase medicines.
  • Wash your hands and change your clothes immediately after visiting medical facilities or take shower right away. It is strongly advises to immediately return home after visiting any medical facility.
Let us prevent for getting and spreading COVID-19 by applying those extra steps while visiting medical facilities. Your awareness can save lives.

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