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Fabelio Buying Furniture with No Bother

Fabelio Buying Furniture with No Bother


Forget your obsolete furniture and also the common way to buy furniture, because now you can buy furniture using Fabelio. Fabelio offers custom furniture from local designers in Indonesia.

For now, Fabelio has a free delivery service and two-weeks returning policy. Fabelio also has business-to-business (B2B) target with providing private assistant and free interior design consultant for you who want to arrange an office or restaurant.

Besides being an e-commerce site, Fabelio is also being the bridge between the craftsmen and the customers. Fabelio asked some designers and craftsmen to display and sell their creations on the website, while Fabelio takes charge in the production and distribution process. Fabelio plans to bring Indonesia’s furniture to global market, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.