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Facebook Polls to Make Your Updates More Interesting

Facebook Polls to Make Your Updates More Interesting


As one of the biggest social media worldwide, Facebook offers the newest feature named Facebook Polls. Facebook Polls is a polling feature use as an engagement tools for individual or pages on your desktop, Android also iOS.

Facebook user as individual or pages can post a status update (polling) to get your friends or fans getting engage with you. This newest feature from Facebook also equipped with photo and GIF option to make your updates more interesting.

The same feature, a new voting feature (polling) has been added to the stories section of Instagram which allows your friends to engage online conversation also answer a two-option questions.


You can post a story along with voting for the simplest to the complicated questions with that feature. For example, you can ask your Facebook friends about film recommendation, comedy – romance or horror to make your weekend more fun.

To initiate a poll, do the following:

Sign in to your individual or Facebook business page.

Click “What’s on your mind”.

Click the “Polls” icon to make a voting, write down the question on “Ask your question” box.

Do not forget to give two options to be voted by your friends.

You can upload your own photos or GIF, or using a various photos and GIF have been provided to make your updates more interesting.

You also can adjust the expiration of polling, a day, one week and so on. You can then see what people voted and which option is winning. Happy trying, fellas!