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Facebook Will End the Ad Exchange Service

Facebook Will End the Ad Exchange Service


The most popular social media in the world, Facebook, has planned to close its service of advertisement exchange named Facebook Exchange. This service makes the user can target a specific market by making consumer to see your ads. This way is more effective by using the browsing data from the prospected consumer.

For example, as explained by Facebook, you are promoting a plane ticket to Hawaii. Of course your ad will be more effective if it is seen by someone who already browsed about plane ticket to Hawaii in a few weeks ago. Then, this is the way of Facebook Exchange works.

Although Facebook Exchange has several fixed clients along these years, but Facebook still wants to close this service on the next November. In the future, Facebook might be more closed on engaging with third party who wants to cooperate with them and will be more focus with remarket technic and their mobile advertising service that’s successful enough. Well, what do you think?