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Facts about Pasar Baru, Dutch Heritage Market in Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
30, October 2019

For those who like wandering in Jakarta, you might already familiar with this place. Passer Baroe also known as Pasar Baru is the oldest Dutch heritage market in Jakarta which was built in 1820.

Before it officially opened, Pasar Baru was a place for native Indonesians to sell their produce as well as Chinese-descended people to sell their products. In 1825, Pasar Baru began to lease with a new system, a small structure used for selling goods with fixed prices.

Pasar Baru definitely has its own charm, in the middle of thousands of modern and luxurious shopping centers in Jakarta, a great number of people crowded in here every single day. What makes people decided to come here and shopping?

A lot of local and International brands especially clothes are offered at friendly prices. You can easily find textiles, watches, shoes, sport equipment, clothes from popular brands without having a hole on your pocket. Along with that, strategic location of Pasar Baru makes this area easily reached by private and public transportations.

Now, we come to the main areas of Pasar Baru. Pasar Baru itself consists of six main areas which are Metro Pasar Baru, Metro Atom, Harco Pasar Baru, Pasar Baru, Istana Pasar Baru and Pintu Air.

Metro Pasar Baru crowded by clothes, jewellery, watches and optical goods. Metro Atom is quite similar with Metro Pasar Baru which also crowded by clothes, jewellery, baby needs and salon equipment. The second floor of Metro Atom known as paradise for camera. You can find myriad selections of electronic goods especially cameras at low prices. Next, for Pintu Air and Pasar Baru are heaven for high-quality textiles from India.

Reminiscing at Pasar Baru is not just about shopping, here you can also spoil your taste buds with legendary food you surely will not find at other places. If you come in the afternoon, make sure to visit Tropic Restaurant to get rid your thirst with their legendary ice cream with various tempting flavours like strawberry, coffee or green tea. While for any red meat enthusiasts you should not miss Bakmi Ayam Soen Yoen at Gang Kelinci III.



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Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani