10 Surprising Facts Behind The Jakarta’s Name

10 Surprising Facts Behind The Jakarta’s Name


Before the capital city of Indonesia was named Jakarta, apparently it has a unique history. How is the Jakarta’s name made? Check this out!

1. In the third century A.D., Jakarta’s name was Sunda Kelapa. This name came from a harbor built in the glory of Sunda Empire.

2. Sunda Kelapa Harbor was the main harbor and known as the most strategic harbor to do trades.

3. The popularity of Sunda Kelapa was spreaded from Chinese traders in the 11th century. They called Sunda as Sin-t’o.

4. The name Sunda Kelapa then changed into Jayakarta when Portuguese started to chase after the Sunda Kelapa to be colonized because of its strategic location for trading. The name Jayakarta itself came from old Javanese language which means the perfect glory.

5. In the times of Banten Empire, the name Jayakarta was also known by Djajakarta and Jacatra.

6. In the 15th century, Jayakarta name was then changed into Batavia. The word “Batavia” came from the name of Germany tribe located in Rhein River in Roman Empire times. The Dutch was also the offspring of the tribe. A Dutch General who ruled Jayakarta at that time then named the Batavia to recall about the earlier Batavian people.

7. In the times of Dutch colonization, Batavia had nickname “Koningin van het Oosten” or Queen of The Orient, which means Asian queen or the queen of the eastern world.

8. When the colonization was over, the nationalist changed the name of Batavia again with Jayakarta but with adaptability so then it was called Djakarta.

9. The old spelling then transformed into Jakarta.

10. Jakarta also has nickname “The Big Durian” just like New York’s “The Big Apple”. This nickname has meanings from the philosophy of durian fruit. For the people who like it, they will never forget how its taste and will always love it. But for the people who hate it, they will never try it again.