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6 Favorite Islands in Thousand Islands Indonesia

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20, August 2015

Having a vacation in a beautiful beach must be so fun! Thousand Islands can be your favorite destination every holiday. These are some recommendations by Check In Jakarta about 6 favorite islands in Thousand Islands:

1. Tidung Island
There are two types of islands in Tidung area, small and big. The big Tidung is always crowded with travelers to spend their holiday, while the little one is used for mangrove cultivation by the local people. The two islands are connected with 800 meters long of wooden bridge. The bridge is named with Jembatan Cinta (love bridge). Many travelers pump their adrenaline by jumping from this bridge with 5-6 meters high to the sea without any safety equipment. Yup, it is one of the attractions you can try at this island. Thrilling enough!

2. Semak Daun Island
Want to try a deserted island? This is the right choice for you. You will only find sands, trees, and the blue sea. You will not find local villagers so everyone who wants to travel on this island should bring their own tent from home and build it here.

3. Bira Island
In this island, there are watersport rides ready to thump your heart. You can also swim in the middle of the Bira Sea shallow waters, accompanied by colorful sea ecosystem. This island is also the travelers’ favorite beach when it comes to holiday season.

4. Pari Island
There is mangrove forest you can discover here. You can also go biking round the beach or just sitting by the seashore, hearing the waves while waiting for sunset.

5. Harapan Island
You can have an affordable cost to stay here. This island is also surrounded by small beaches, making it more beautiful to visit.

6. Bidadari Island
For you who want to spend your holiday with your beloved ones, this island can be your choice. The beauty of it is often used for pre-wedding photoshoots for pre-wedding couples. Sweet!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina