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Feel the Sensation of the Outer Space at SkyWorld

Feel the Sensation of the Outer Space at SkyWorld

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Do you know that at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) you will not only see many miniatures describing Indonesian culture? But, also learn and feel the sensation like you are in the outer space.

Among Putro SkyWorld is an educative fun ride themed outer space. You will not only see so many astronomy pictures, but also some interesting room where you can feel like you are exploring the outer space. Find new planets that you never think of before.

If you ever visited Planetarium Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), then SkyWorld will complete your journey in outer space world. As we can say, this ride is like the new version of Planetarium TIM. SkyWorld consists of three main rooms.

1. Space Exhibition
In this room, you will see some human achievements in the outer space world. This grooved room shows you some pictures and reviews of human achievement about the earth and the outer space.

You will know about how the solar system was born, sky maps, scientists, astronauts and more about outer space thing. There is also prototype rocket from other countries, and the invention of sky object.

The most interesting of this room is that you will see the current development of outer space and it is perfected with video played at mini cinema.

2. Digital Planetarium
If you are looking this room from the outside, you will see this room in circle shape with a dome on the top. When you stepping to the room, a dark room maybe confusing you. But, we can say that this room is the best one at SkyWorld. Accompanied by aguide, you will be invited to explore the outer space through a movie in a unique way.

You will not be able to sit on the chair and just watch the movie. But you will be commanded to lay down and staring the ceiling that used as a screen to play the movie.

In this room you will feel the sensation like you are exploring inter-planet in the solar system, galaxy and try to find new planets among so many stars.

3. Photo 3D
From its name, you might be can imagine what kind of room is this. In this room, you can take photos as much as you want with outer space as your background photo.

Take your best poses, and then you will look like you are in the real outer space. Don't forget to wearing available astronaut costume. Your photo must be perfect!

Of course, there are still some rooms which good to be visited. If you want to come, Among Putro SkyWorld tike priced from Rp 70.000/pax.


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