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Feeling the Little Japan Ambience at Kashiwa

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
12, November 2015

If you want to eat out in Melawai area, South Jakarta, you can visit Kashiwa. This restaurant offers Japanese authentic dish. You don’t have to worry of an expensive price. Because every food in Kashiwa starts from Rp29.000,- per menu. From takoyaki, sashimi, to tempura, all in one price! No wonder this restaurant is often crowded with Japanese people on weekend.

There are various Japanese signature dishes here. But the must try is their yakitori. This Japanese skewer has two sauce selections, which are sweet and salty. You can also choose the chicken parts, from thighs, wings, breast, or only the skin. The tender texture of the chicken meat makes it easy for you to enjoy it.

There are also soba, or Japanese cold noodle. Although it is served cold, this noodle is so refreshing. Don’t forget to try Mochi Ice Cream for the dessert. For you who want to taste all the Japanese foods in Kashiwa, you can choose all you can eat menu here with Rp228.000,-. Enjoy the food, juice beverage, and even beers! Located in Blok M Square area, Kashiwa is a little bit hidden.

If you look from the main street, you will only see a stair with a restaurant signage. Kashiwa is located on the second floor of Echigoya Ramen restaurant. Entering Kashiwa, you will see wooden interior decorated with Japanese ornaments such as lanterns and Japanese comics that you can read on the spot. The seating here is also divided to tatami area and chairs. Surrounded by other Japanese restaurants, you will feel like literally being in the Cherry Blossom Country. Sugoi!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina