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This Festival Ready to Pamper You with Dozens Menu of Bakso and Mie

By Eskanisa R

29 Jul 2019

Festival Bakso & Mie at Blok M Square until August 4th, 2019.

Calling for food enthusiasts specially for bakso (meatballs) and mie (noodles) ones. Blok M Square, shopping center at Jalan Melawai V, Kebayoran Baru was holding festival of bakso and mie until August 4.

This festival followed by dozens of bakso and mie sellers include Bakso Boedjangan, Bakso Beranak Barokah, Bakso Rusuk Kelapa Muda Mas Ay, Mie Kocok Bandung Marika, Mie Kari Medan, Mie Ayam Kriuk and many more.

You can also taste various mouth-watering dishes, such as kerak telor (omelette from glutinous rice topped with fried shredded coconut), dim sum, telor gulung (egg roll), seblak (savory yet spicy dish made of crackers, egg, chicken feet and imitation seafood), es alpukat kocok (iced shake avocado), es Sinar Garut (mixed shaved ice dessert) and so on.

You can join spicy noodle contest with million rupiahs prize (voucher meal). Ask your family and friends to come here. Click here for further information about Festival Bakso & Mie Blok M Square!



Festival Bakso & Mie
Blok M Square, Jl. Melawai V, Kebayoran Baru, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

26 Juli – 4 Agustus

More Information: