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Find Beautiful Fresh Cut Flowers at Clea Flower Boutique

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19, September 2018

Nestled in Kemang area in South Jakarta, Clea Flower Boutique is a charming European-style flower shop where you can pick up beautiful fresh cut flowers for home or order stunning arrangements for table settings or party decorations.

One of the cool services they offer is you can bring your own vase in, and the talented in house florists will arrange the bouquet of flowers on site. With over 50 arrangements to choose from, Clea flowers will certainly enhance any special occasion.

Clea Flower Boutique stunningly displays arrays of roses in vibrant colors from the traditional red of Red Naomi to the unique hue of the purple Dolcetto, ensuring you get the most vivid blooms. The boutique also offers imported flowers ranging from lilies and calla lilies in an assortment of colors, tulips, cymbidium orchids, and many more.

Photo Source: @clea_flower

Clea Flower Boutique itself is part of Nirmala Rose Group, Indonesia's leading rose producer widely known for sourcing only the best roses varieties from the most trusted and reputable breeders in Europe. After the roses are flown back to Indonesia, they are immediately transported to one of the temperature-controlled greenhouses at the Nirmala Rose Farm, located in Bogor, to produce some of the most consistent and beautiful blooms in the country. So you know these stems are always the freshest!



Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.