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Find Cheap Books at the Comfort of Pasar Kenari

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17, February 2020

Do you like collecting or reading books? Have you been to Pasar Kenari? If you haven’t, then you should take your time to visit this place. On the third floor of Pasar Kenari you can hunt for new and used books. The special area to sell the book is named Jakbook. Pasar Kenari has been inaugurated since April 2019 by Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan.

Although it is a market, the atmosphere in the book market is very different from the market below which mostly sells electrical installations. Jakbook is equipped with air conditioning that makes the air cool and cozy ambience. There is an open reading room in it named Wisata Buku Pasar Kenari.

Photo credit: Instagram @tsaniazr

Visitors at Kenari Book Market are also spoiled with imitation grass decorations and wooden seating that beautify the reading area. The reading area itself is located in front of JakBook, on the right and left of the stage, in front of the entrance to the exalator, in front of the nursing room, and at Beccolen Cafe. All of these areas can be found on the third floor.

At Jakbook or Kenari Market there are about 65 inexpensive book kiosks that sell a variety of books. Ranging from old school comics, magazines, old school novels, and more. All of that is priced at affordable price. There are even books priced for only Rp 5,000. Book sellers in Kenari Market are a transfer from Kwitang book market.

Photo credit: Instagram @gitapahlevi

If you are interested in visiting Pasar Kenari, you can take Transjakarta Ancol - PGC route, then stop at UI Salemba Stop. You can also take commuter line and stop at Kramat Station, from there you only have to walk about 1.5 kilometers.

Top photo credit: Instagram @chesazzz

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.