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Find Cheap Christmas Knick Knacks at Asemka Market

Find Cheap Christmas Knick Knacks at Asemka Market


Counting days to Christmas, so many Jakartans visit shopping malls to find their favorite Christmas knick knacks. Asemka Market in West Jakarta is one of them.

At Asemka Market, you will not only find any wedding souvenirs or school stuff, but also Christmas knick knacks. It more interesting because they are all cheap.

At Asemka Market, some stalls sell Christmas knick knack, from slinger, bells, unique lamps, and more. You can even found Christmas trees replica, range from hundred thousand to million rupiah.

Visitors who want to buy Christmas accesories usually come to this market since the end of November, and the peak will happen in the middle of Desember, to one day before Christmas.

Not only Christmas accesories, kid toys also become hunt for so many visitors. They buy the toys as Christmas present for they kids.

New year's trumpets also can be found easily at Asemka Market. Customers buy it for themselves on new year's eve. But, there are also some buyers buy a lot of trumpets to sale it again.

Most of visitors come from Jakarta and Tangerang. But, there are also visitors who come from Cilegon, Serang, and Bandung, they come on purpose because at Asemka Market has complete Christmas accesories with cheap price.


Jl. Asemka, Petongkangan, Jakarta Barat