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Find Instagrammable Photo Spot at Haluu World

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06, February 2019

In an Instagram era like today, many people are looking for good places to take photos and upload it to their Instagram or what they say with Instagrammable. In Jakarta alone there are lots of Instagrammable photo spots. One of them that currently on the rise is Haluu World. You can find this art installation at Plaza Indonesia 5th floor, until March 3, 2019.

Haluu World has 13 super-artsy photo spots with different themes, guaranteed to make your photos look attractive. Haluu which in Finnish means desire, this Instagrammable place in Jakarta visualizes a dream world that mostly quotes women's dreams. Like, generally women who want to have long legs and neck or imagine their dream marriage. The Moulin Rouge area containing five heads of flamingo-legged giraffes and Bed of Roses that look like a pool of roses, are two photo spots that represent that desires.

There is also a spot with an iconic chicken picture bowl. For those were born in the 80s or 90s are definitely familiar with this bowl. Haluu provides this spot complete with the noodles, as if you were bathing in a noodle pool. Easy! These noodles are made of stereo foam, so there's no need to afraid of being dirty.

Occupying a 550 m2 warehouse, normally visitors spend one hour on taking photos at 13 spots. At some spots, you only have 1-2 minutes to take photos. It's better to read the guides on @haluuworld Instagram or #haluubanget #officiallyhaluu before coming, to learn the right angle so your photos can be amazing.

Behind Haluu, there are seven young talents who are founders, including famous actress Laura Basuki, Norine Wibowo, Antonius Chandra, Andrew Lmadong, Kevin Pudjiadi, Dio Santoso, and Andre Tanuwijaya. Halu World works with various well-known brands, such as Bridestory, Parentstory, Indomie, the F Thing World, Mahaka, Cosmopolitan Indonesia, Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, Her World Indonesia, MRA Radio. and Plaza Indonesia. So, don't be surprised if you find various photo spots with these brands signs. 

Before this Instagrammable exhibition ended, you should immediately visit Haluu and invite your closest friends to make your photos more Instagram-worthy. Entrance tickets are priced at Rp 90,000 for weekdays, and Rp 110,000 on weekend, you can buy on the spot or online via and Grab app.


Instagram: @haluuworld

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.