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Find Vinyl Records at Laidback Blues Record Store

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08, April 2019

Enlivening the upper floor of Pasar Santa in South Jakarta, Laidback Blues Record Store is a place that must be visited by vinyl lovers. Here you can look for various vinyl records. Although most of them are used physical releases, the quality is still good.

Although Laidback Blues Record Store only occupies a small shop, you will be amazed by its decoration. There are many murals on the walls, as well as popular quotes about music and physical releases themselves. The vinyl shop also has AC.

Samson is the man behind the establishment. He started his business since August 2014. Before opening a vinyl record shop at Santa Modern Market, Samson sold it online since 2012. He chose Pasar Santa because of its easy access.

Photo Source: @laidbackbluesrecordstore

You can find LPs with various types of music, from 2 tone and ska, jazz, Japanese groove, Japanese rock, city pop, fusion, and of course Indonesian collections such as collections from the legendary artist the late Benyamin Sueb. If you are interested in buying vinyl records here, don't worry! Because Laidback sells it at cheap prices, starting from Rp 100 thousand, but there are also LPs that sell from around Rp 1 million.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.