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Find Your Dream Job with Jooble!

By Eskanisa R

05 August 2020

Get complete information from various recruitment sources instantly with Jooble.

Photo: Frankie Cordoba - Unsplash

Sometimes, find a dream job does not come easily, either the process not easy or pleasant. It simply because there are so many reasons why finding a job is so hard including lack of information. As it happens, you just only need to access the job posting to find as much as possible vacancies.

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You probably one of the job seekers that spend hours access a lot of job posting sides on the internet. In fact, you can get complete information from various sources including the company website you want to propose instantly with Jooble.

Jooble is a quick and easy search engine to help job seekers find dream jobs. Jooble compiles all the information from other job search engines, recruitment pages, and newspapers automatically and displays the result in a complete job posting based on what you expected.


Video source: Youtube (Jooble)

When you perform a search with Jooble with your detail on position and city, you will get links to job postings from different job sites throughout Indonesia—Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and so forth—which are the most relevant to your search terms.

Jooble also created a lot of filters to save your time and energy including uploaded time, salary, type of work either full time, part-time, or even freelance and distance to make a job search as simple as possible.

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