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Find Your Favorite Brewing Coffee Device at Otten Coffee

By Isny Dewi R

26 Aug 2019

Otten Coffee offers thousands of items for making coffee.

For coffee lovers, there are times when they are eager to make their own coffee rather than buying it. Nowadays it’s not difficult to brew homemade coffee wherever and whenever. Thanks to all e-commerce sites, they can find devices they need to make their own coffee, one of those is Otten Coffee. And even more fun, now you can find Otten Coffee shop directly in Senopati area, South Jakarta.

Enter Otten Coffee which has officially operated in Jakarta since last year, coffee lovers will be very spoiled with the thousands of items available for making coffee. This shop in Senopati is Otten's second store after opening their first store in Medan for six years. All coffee brewing needs can be found here such as:

1. Manual brewing devices: Vietnamese Drip, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Dripper or Pour Over, Siphon, French Press, Turkish, and Cold Brewers. Including supporting equipment such as teapots, digital scales, and filters.
2. Coffee grinders ranging from manuals to those specifically for espresso machines.
3. Kees Van Der Westen espresso machine.
4. Brewing tea devices and many more of course.

The best seller for brewing coffee devices at Otten Coffee is Vietnam Drip. This could be because Vietnam Drip provides a distinctive taste and is quite easy to use, and the price is quite affordable. Another device that is also often sought is the Moka Pot which is also a favorite because it is easy to use and provides a more dense after taste compared to other devices.

Pic Source: @ottencoffee

Meanwhile, for coffee choices the most favorited here is Gayo Arabica roasting in a not-too-young color. Other coffees available at Otten Coffee include Robusta Sidikalang, Java Ciwidey, Garut, Solok, Bali, Toraja, Flores, Palintang, and even coffee from other countries such as Congo, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and many more. With prices ranging from Rp 45,000 to Rp 345 thousand.

Until now Otten Coffee is still the belle of coffee lovers in Indonesia. Not only does this store sells a variety of coffee makers both online and offline, they also release Otten Magazine which presents good reads about coffee which is certainly very interesting to look at especially for coffee lovers.


Pic Source: Instagram @ottencoffee

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Otten Coffee
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Setiap hari: 09.00 – 21.00 WIB

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