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Find Your Perfect Boots at Palladium

By Eskanisa R

20 November 2019

Palladium, classic, comfort Europe-made boots since 1974.

Founded in 1920, Palladium was originally manufacturing tires for beginner aviation industry. Expertise which blends perfectly with a high degree of complexity making tires made most aircraft in Europe using their tires.


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Unfortunately, after World War II, Palladium almost bankrupt and decided to open their very first footwear factory in Pont De Cheruy, France. In 1974, Pampa bot was born which became known for its durability and maximum level of comfort.


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Until now, Palladium has managed to survive as one of best manufacturers for classic boots with original designs, modern shapes, premium materials, durable and of course comfort. You can find various models and colors at Palladium store at AEON Mall BSD. From neutral colors like black and white, pastel colors like pink, baby blue and yellow to the bold and bright one like red, all available here to make you easier mix and match with your favorite style.


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Such as PAMPA HI LTH UL which perfect for adventure, climbing mountains, strolling around beach, driving downtown with your favorite motorbike and other outdoor activities. There is also The Pallakix, perfect combination of chunky shoes and boots which is perfect for hangout.

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