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Hook the Taste of Fresh Seafood

Hook the Taste of Fresh Seafood

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Usually a restaurant will serve your dish on a plate. But in Fish & Co it will not happen because your food will be served on a frying pan. Unique, isn’t it? Don’t worry, the pan is not hot. Fish & Co adapted the serving concept from the fishermen who ate their catches straight from the pan after being fried. It means the food served at Fish & Co is that fresh as if the fishermen eating their own catch.

Photo source: http://www.fish-co.co.id

Their ultimate menu is the fish and chips variants that are combined with many flavors from all over the world. For example, the New York Fish & Chips has the fish and chips filled with Parmesan cheese and poured with lemon and butter sauce. The Japanese Fish & Chips has the fish and chips filled with furikake (the herbs that usually sprinkled on rice, vegetables, and fish) and served with soba sauce.

Not unique enough? They also have Bali Fish & Chips, which served with Balinese sambal matah (chili condiment). All of the fish and chips here are served with fresh lemon and French fries. Besides the fish and chips, there are other menus such as Seafood Platter, Baked Rice, pasta, and pizza that are as delicious as their fish and chips. Yummy!


Cilandak Town Square, Jl. T.B. Simatupang, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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