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Fish and Chips in Street Food Sensation

Fish and Chips in Street Food Sensation

Street Food 17.00 - 22.00


Fish and chips might be a familiar dish for you who are a culinary hunter. This British dish is often enjoyed at the well-known restaurant in Jakarta’s malls. But who knows that you can enjoy fish and chips in a street food concept? The taste is also great like the ones in malls. How about the price? Of course it’s affordable.

You can go to Fish Streat in Bintaro, precisely at Bintaro 9 Walk culinary area, Sektor 9, Bintaro. Just with Rp29.000,- you already can enjoy one portion of fish and chips. Fish Streat also claims themselves as “The Best and The Cheapest Fish and Chips in Town”. No wonder this place is crowded on weekend.

Not only fish and chips, Fish Streat also has other menus, such as Seafood Platter with Pasta with the exact affordable price too. But Fish Streat starts to open on the evening. So if you look for a tempting fish and chips for dinner, just go to Fish Streat and enjoy the delicacy!


Jl. Bintaro Utama Blok HA1



Operational Hours

17.00 - 22.00