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1st Bohemian Eclectic Gastrobar in Jakarta

1st Bohemian Eclectic Gastrobar in Jakarta

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Senopati area also known as the best hangout spot in South Jakarta that offers either mouth-watering culinary or nightlife spot as well as other popular areas in Jakarta. FITZROY gives you a little bit distinguish touch unlike other gastrobars in Jakarta, FITZROY offering nightlife spot as well as appealing restaurant. Walk through the door in 3rd floor of Gunawarman 30, you can easily spot Bohemian Eclectic vibes here.

The concept itself adapted from bar and restaurant in sub-urban Melbourne, Australia named Fitzroy. It has a very strong feels, especially on the wall where pretty mural of deer painted there. Beautiful yet quirky Bohemian style described perfectly through the décor, like pitcher, vase and frames.

Some fusion menu, Western and Eastern mixture will pampering your tummy while enjoying their offered entertainment. Pan Fried Dory Fish Dabu-dabu Salsa. Mr Moo’s Gyu Tan Don, Crunchy Mac and Cheese, Crispy Chicken Egg Don Buri or Brother Baba Burger will suit your taste.

While appealing dessert like Golden Monkey Pie or Nutella Choco Pie as perfect companion for your after hour. You also should give a taste for their light meal, like Calamary Salad, pizza or pasta while sipping your favourite drinks.

FITZROY has a various refreshing cocktails you should taste, from classic to long drink as well as their wine collections, either white or red wine. Let’s pampering your taste bud and get a memorable time at FITZROY Gastrobar!



Gunawarman 30, 3rd Floor, Jl. Gunawarman No. 30, Jakarta Selatan 12110



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