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Five Korean Dramas Made You Enraged

By Eskanisa R

18 January 2021

Can't help but binge-watching.

Photo source: Kpopmap

There are many reasons why Korean dramas are becoming very popular. Plot, multitude of different genres such as romantic, family, affair reflecting real-life conditions can easily carry the audience away who relates to the characters and feels the same emotions. Here are five dramas made you angry for good reason and can’t help but binge-watching.

1. Secret Affair
This 2004 drama aired on jBTC tells story of elegant, smart career woman as well as reliable former pianist with good communication skills with other named Oh Hye-won (Kim Hee-ae). It is unfortunate her life changes after met Lee Sun-jae (Yoo Ah-in), young boy who trying to survive life by doing delivery but have special natural talent to play piano.
Two of them accidentally met while Sun-jae playing piano for the event where Hye-won’s husband, Kang Joon-hyung (Park Hyuk-kwon) work. As a lecturer of art university, Joon-hyung can see Sun-jae natural talent.
Joo-hyung then asks Hye-won to help cast Sun-jae to ensure he join in his university. It also unfortunate that Sung-jae have feeling for Hye-won. How’s their affair going? Will Hye-won sacrifice her whole life, career, and marriage to make new relationship with Sung-jae?

2. The Penthouse: War in Life
Drama aired on SBS ended with high ratings and now available on VIU, The Penthouse: War in Life successfully make people enraged. Since the first episode, this drama engaged people with their dynamic, unusual storylines.
Tells life of families live in 100-floors luxurious apartment in the elite area of Gangnam, Hera Palace also known as Penthouse Apartment, Shim Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) known as the ‘queen’ of Penthouse because she was born into a wealthy family, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) another wealthy woman with arrogant behaviour, and Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene) comes from poor family but work hard to ensure her children achieve greater success.
Conflict between residents arising when they all trying to rule the Penthouse to get recognition as successful people. The content in this drama is not suitable for minors (15 and 18 years) because the intensity of sexual and violence scenes quite high.

3. My Wife is Having Affair This Week
What will happen if husband find his wife having affair? 12 episodes in My Wife is Having Affair This Week tells story about decent husband and father, works as a TV producer, Do Hyun-woo (Lee Sun-kyun) and wife Soo-yun (Song Ji-hyo) works as graphic designer. Both are blessed with a five year old children.
For eight years of marriage, two of them running roles as responsible husband-wife and father-mother even they are busy with works, still take care of household and their children with no help from any assistant.
It is unfortunate that intimacy starts to decline due to their own works. Soo-yun then met manager of partner company while working on a project. Little attention from the manager makes Soo-yun feel cared that she didn’t get from Hyun-woo for a long time.
Hyun-woo accidentally read message on Soo-yun’s phone, an invitation to meet at a hotel. Even he isn’t believe his wife cheating on him, Hyun-woo asked for the answer through online forum about the affair. How’s the answer?

4. Sky Castle
Aired on jBTC in 2018, another drama popular among audiences, Sky Castle. This drama became a hit bacause of of the nation’s strong emphasis on the value of education. Furthermore, this one was created as a satire of South Korea’s notoriously competitive education system.
Tells story about four elite families live in a luxurious housing complex, Sky Castle. Even they look good with each others, the four families are tryiing hard to raise their children in a way that prepares them to live fulfilled.
Because of their obsession with education and prestige, every parents send their children to elite schools. Besides, women of household need to support their families, both children and husbands for the sake of dignity. Make sure to watch fascinating episodes of Sky Castle on Netflix and VIU.

5. VIP
Last but not least interesting, drama about infidelity that are worth binge-watching, VIP. Tells the story of a working wife also appears to have wonderful husband and happy home, Na Jung-sun (Jang Nara) and her husband, Park Sung-joon (Lee Sang-yoon). Both are handled VIP members at the Sung Un Department Store.
Sung-joon supervises four people, Lee-hyuna, Song-mina, On Yoo-ri and Ma Sang-woo to provide best services to VIP members. Nobody would have thought Sung-joon having affair with On Yoo-ri.
Scenes where Sung-joon couldn’t even act hard mainly to Yoo-ri playing to audiences’ emotions. This drama surely teaches a lot of lessons such as the importance of boundaries between men and women as friends. How Sung-joon and Jung-sun marriage going? Is he lost his wife because another woman?

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