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Five Star Treatments by Madeline Beauty Center

Five Star Treatments by Madeline Beauty Center

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You surely want a maximum treatment for your body, right? As well as beauty treatment that has various kinds from head to toe. Madeline Beauty Center provides it all for you. From the well-known Diamond Peel treatment to Infra-Therapy and also hair treatment like a hair salon. For body treatment, you can choose it based on your skin type. So you don’t have to worry about the unsuitable treatment for your skin. Madeline Beauty Center will help you to choose the treatment that your body needs, accompanied with trained therapist and trusted doctors.

The rooms for treatment are arranged comfortably for the customers. There are six suite rooms designed with certain themes such as Japan Suite that has a Japanese design and Bali Suite with Balinese ornaments. There are also Pink Suite, White Suite, China Suite, and France Suite. All rooms have their own signature ornaments as written on the names. You can also choose the rooms for your treatment.

Madeline Beauty Center assures customer’s comfort and demand. The consultation room is also designed modernly so you will not feel like being in a doctor room which sometime make you feel awkward. Consulting with doctor here felt so comfortable. Besides, Madeline Beauty Center also has function room that you can use for events, such as gathering. So you can hold an event while doing beauty care.


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