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Flood Helpline Numbers in Jakarta and Around

By Eskanisa R

05 February 2020

Helpline numbers you can call while flooding happens.

During this rainy season, people need to put alert to the flood which can come at any single time specifically in terms of accessing helpline numbers. There are flood helpline numbers you can call when flood coming.

DKI Jakarta Flood Post: +622128196945/+6128197309

Halim Perdana Kusuma Airbase Flood Post: +62218019210/+622128019211

Navy Army West Armada Command Flood: +6214243000

DKI Jakarta SAR (Search and Rescure) Post: +622134835118

DKI Jakarta SAR Call Center: +62215501512, +622155051111, and +62215507976

South Jakarta SAR Call Center: +62217515054

West Jakarta SAR Call Center: +62215682284

Central Jakarta SAR Call Center: +62216344215

North Jakarta SAR Call Center: +622143931063

East Jakarta SAR Call Center: +622185904904

Ambulance: 118 or 119

Emergency Call Fire Department: 113

Emergency Call PLN: 123

Emergency Call Basarnas: 115

Evacuation (with inflatable boats): +62213901575

BPBD DKI Jakarta: 112

Public Works Agency of DKI Jakarta: +62213846608

For those who live in Bekasi, please call these following number:

BPBD Bekasi: +6281380907429

Fire Department Service of Bekasi: +622188957805

District Emergency Operation Center of Bekasi: +622189970506/+6281219071900 (WhatsApp only)

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