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Food Fighters – Vintage Looks, Modern Taste

Food Fighters – Vintage Looks, Modern Taste

Cafe & Resto Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.00 WIB

For those of you who like to explore new places to eat in Jakarta, you might already know about Food Fighters. Food Fighters looks like a duplicate of Pasar Santa, where both have the same concept. At Food Fighters, you can find various kinds of food stalls.

Compared to Pasar Santa, the location of Food Fighters is more spacious and can be reached in easier way. Looking from its interior design, Food Fighters is pretty creative with its vintage arcade game theme which you can tell by the pixel art design. The mural on the sides of this place resembles nostalgic games on Gameboy or Nintendo.

You can enjoy various kinds of dishes at Food Fighters, started from snacks to main course. You can find food stalls like Kopi Pasar, Judas Kitchen, Miechino, Bonara Pasta, Black Jack, Yipiko Wings, Zucker Waffle, Sate Bumbu Oma, Papricano, and Sloppy Bro. An interesting place with various menus make Food Fighters as one of the places to hangout or relax while catching up with some friends.


Jl. Melawai IV No.7, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan

Operational Hours

Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.00 WIB