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Food Truck Jakarta Community More Than Just Food Truck Business

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03, March 2020

What do you know about food truck? Culinary business using a car that has been decorated such a way to attract customers? Yes, that is true, but actually food truck business is not only about food business using a unique car, but also involves other things. Based on this understanding, Food Truck Jakarta Community was born.

According to this community, in food truck business there are also rules for giving greetings, such as smiles to all customers, saying thank you and happy holiday.

For Food Truck Jakarta Community, even though the business only uses cars, it does not mean that they are careless in selling. They still apply standard rules such as wearing shoes, not using used cooking oil, not using 3 kg of melon gas, but using Bright gas, equipping themselves with extinguishers, first aid kits, electricity, etc.

Although there are no written rules, all members apply those regulations. For them, those rules will also make their food truck business survive. Not only that, food truck business that they are running must also have five permits, have to pay taxes, and the food truck driver must also have a driver's license.

According to this community, there are many things that must be considered in running a food truck business. But the most basic and must be understood is that this business not only sells food, but also sells concepts. In addition, food truck business owners must also have reliable products and must be honest with the products they sell.

Food Truck Jakarta Community (KFJ) has been around since 2016. From the beginning there were only 10 food trucks, now there are 30 food trucks.

Top photo credit: Instagram @komunitas_foodtruck_jakarta

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.