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Foods to Avoid for Any Ulcer Disease Patients

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
06, December 2018

This disease can affect anyone and caused by many things, include infection. Ulcer disease happens if someone get open sores in the lining of stomach or small intestine. It followed by stomach pain, stabbing pains in stomach, bloating and nausea because producing of stomach acid. Fortunately, it can be prevent by avoiding these following foods and beverages.

1. High-fat Foods

High-fat foods, such as fritter, French fries, lamb takes longest time to be digested until those foods absorbed properly by small intestine. The longer fatty foods digested, the more stomach acid produced to digest the foods. There will be discomfort, nauseous, painful feeling after consuming high-fat foods.

2. Spicy Foods

Who does not like spicy food? Most spicy foods are addictive, capsaicin, a compound that responsible to give spicy taste can increase the risk of sore in stomach, especially for those who already have ulcer disease. In other words, any ulcer disease patients must avoid spicy foods if they do not want to the disease getting worse.

3. Acidic Foods

There are some fruits and vegetables you should avoid, because it can trigger stomach acid. From the fruit family, there are lemon, grapefruit and tomato. Quoted from, someone who has high stomach acid is not recommend to eat onion, because it can reduce pH in stomach and causing nausea.

4. Caffeine

Ulcer disease patients should avoid caffeine, because any kind of beverages contain high caffeine, include coffee and tea can increase production of acid in stomach. If the acid has reached the oesophagus, you might feel burning throat, stomach and nausea.

5. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are refreshing, especially when you sip in the hot sunny day. But, soft drinks are enemies for stomach, it contains carbon dioxide which has potential to increase gas and acid in stomach. While both are reaching your oesophagus, it may end with heartburn, feels hot like burning in stomach and chest.  

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani