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Fresh Drink Recipes for Iftar

By Eskanisa R

15 May 2020

These recipes definitely freshen your Iftar.

How was your fasting on this third week going? Are you running out of ideas to make fresh drink for Iftar? These following recipes you can make in 5 minutes will definitely freshen your day after fasting a whole day.

1. Lemon Cucumber and Lime

This fruit of Ramadan, Timun Suri or lemon cucumber has health benefits including prevent dehydration, get rid of heartburn, and handle toxins. Sweet and refreshing, it really hits the spot after fasting.


1 medium size of lemon cucumber

½ lime (squeezed)

200ml cold water

Honey to your liking


Use a large bowl, scoop out all lemon cucumber.

Add cold water, lime juice, and honey.

Put in the refrigerator before served.

2. Ice Cucumber

Another fresh drink to quench your thirst after fasting.


4 cucumbers

2 teaspoons of basil seeds

300gram Nata de Coco

2 tablespoons lemon juice

4 glasses cold water

Ice cubes and Melon syrup to your liking


Rinse cucumbers, peel the skin, and scoop out all cucumbers.

Let the basil seeds soak in lukewarm water for several minutes.

Put cold water, cucumber, Nata de Coco, basil seeds, lemon juice and syrup to your liking into a jug, stir well.

Add ice cubes or you can put in the refrigerator before served.

3. Young Coconut Grass Jelly

Last recipe for refreshing Iftar with easy ingredients you can find at nearest market.


4 young coconuts

250grams grass jelly (diced)

1 tablespoon of basil seeds (soaked)

Cocopandan syrup to your liking

Ice cubes to your liking


Use a big bowl, scoop out coconut meat.

Add diced grass jelly, basil seeds, Cocopandan syrup and ice cubes, mix well.

Before serving time, you can also put in the refrigerator to make it colder.

If you are a sweet-tooth, you can also add a tablespoon of sweet condensed milk.



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