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Fresh Roasted Coffee at Westport Coffee House

Fresh Roasted Coffee at Westport Coffee House

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Looking for strategic place quickly and easily reach by any public transportation to spend with friends? Westport Coffee House can be your ideal choice. Located in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, this unique coffee house offering you classic harbor concept with best value food and drinks also Wi-Fi connection for free.


Westport Coffee House also offering a wide range of mouth-watering food and drink choices using best local produce. Appetizer, main course, dessert, you ask for, they are all available here. Interesting part of Westport, they provided Indonesia coffee beans from Aceh, Java through Papua.

Potato Skin Boat, Deep Fries Calamari or Chicken Wings can be your perfect appetizer. If you need heavier menus, try they Chicken a la Cordon Bleu, Mie Gila (Crazy Noodle), 150gr Sirlon, Australian Steak or Carbonara. You also can taste the sweets, like Pancake Vanilla Ice Cream, Grilled Banana or Panna Cotta by Bistro Tutup Panci. Westport Coffee House will guarantee your 100% guarantee!



Jl. Raya Kebayoran Lama No. 3, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240



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