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Fresh Sensation of Coffee Jelly from Rainbow Baker

By Eskanisa R

17 July 2020

Photo: Check In Jakarta / Eska

Speaking about coffee seems like we have lots of choices which become so overwhelming. At the same time, coffee can boost your mood instantly for your activity. And coffee jelly comes as a tasty option to drink.

Coffee jelly is the latest menu from Rainbow Baker that would be a perfect choice for coffee lovers who like a strong taste of coffee with a slightly sweet taste of milk and jelly. The first sip, it has a mildly bitter and sweet comes after. But, for you who prefer a light taste of coffee, they are ready to serve you with a creamy and sweeter taste.

The coffee has a thick texture of jelly, even if you add some more ice on it, the smell is still strong! Moreover, they also give you lots of jellies.

Photo source: @jnyfoodjournal

They have 250ml and 1 liter for you to take as an option. Besides coffee jelly, Rainbow Baker also serving several kinds of delicious pastry as a snack to enjoy. Apple Pie and Strawberry Pie are a must-try signature menu. Fluffy Cake and Cinnamon Rolls have also become another favorite menu for you to try. The price is around Rp. 25,000 - Rp. 100,000, -.

Video source: @jnyfoodjournal

Do you want to know more about Rainbow Baker? Please wait for our next review in Check-In Jakarta. Click here to order.

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