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Freshen Up Your Day with HONU Poké and Matcha Bar

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
29, November 2017

As the name says, you can guess what HONU Poké and Matcha Bar is. This quite small, neat yet tidy café is serving up popular dish, poké. Poké (read: poh-kay) popular dish in Hawaii is getting major love everywhere else.

Poké literally means slice or dice. Poké is a Hawaiian traditional dish made of raw fish, meat and/or veggies. At HONU Poké and Matcha Bar you can taste those classic combination of raw fish, meat and/or tofu, rice and toppings.

While the place is quite small, HONU provided a separated area, non-smoking and smoking area. Along the Instagram-able design, a friendly team of HONU wearing Hawaiian shirts, make your time at HONU splendidly well.

After taking your best Instagram OOTD, taste their signature Two and Two poké bowl. Two and Two is classic combination of Ahi tuna and salmon chunks paired with white sushi rice or brown rice, wakame, lettuce, carrots and served with creamy sauce also tempura crunch.

When you do not feel like having raw fish, try their Grilled Chicken Bowl or Tofu Bowl for a change. Both chicken and tofu are pan seared in coconut oil. Grilled Chicken Bowl is a combination of pan seared chicken paired with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, scallion and extra egg if you want. Savoury flavour of not so poké menu kind of ideal match for their signature matcha drinks, like warm Light Matcha or creamy Iced Matcha Latte without overpowering taste. Perfect combo!


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani