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From Celebrities to Functionary Love to Eat Gado-gado Kertanegara

By Isny Dewi R

25 June 2019

Gado-gado Kertanegara has been around since 1986.

Who doesn't know hodgepodge? The typical Indonesian food is a healthy food that is very popular with many people because of its low price. If you are a fan of hodgepodge, you must come to Jalan Kertanegara in Kebayoran Baru. Because in this area you will find a legendary hodgepodge which is worth a try.

Since 1986, Gado-gado Kertanegara, Mrs. Sumartin has consistently served a large portion of delicious hodgepodge. Initially, Mrs. Sumartin offered hodgepodge using a cart, now she sells it in a car and is almost never empty of buyers. Every day, Mrs. Sumartin’s hodgepodge can sell up to 250 servings.

About the taste, Mrs. Sumartin’s hodgepodge is the same as other hodgepodges, the difference is only a matter of taste. Hodgepodge uses bean sprouts, cabbage, long beans, kale, potatoes, tofu, and boiled eggs. The peanut sauce used has already been rolled out first, with a savoury thick texture and an additional spicy chili sauce which is stirred with all the vegetables. This thick and savoury peanut sauce is what makes Mrs. Sumartin’s hodgepodge taste so delicious.

In addition to keep the freshness of vegetables, Mrs. Sumartin boiled all the vegetables on the spot. Not surprisingly, the delicacy of her hodgepodge has been known by some celebrities such as Ruben Onsu and Ivan Gunawan, even famous official like Prabowo.

To taste this legendary hodgepodge complete with rice cake, you only need to spend Rp. 20,000. While for hodgepodge with rice, the price is Rp. 23,000. If you want to try Mrs. Sumartin’s hodgepodge, try to come before 12.00 pm, so you are not disappointed because this delicious hodgepodge is quickly sold out.

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Gado-gado Kertanegara Ibu Sumartin
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10.00 Sampai Habis

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