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Fujiguys Indonesia – Home for Fujifilm Enthusiasts

Fujiguys Indonesia – Home for Fujifilm Enthusiasts


It’s true that Fujifilm is one of popular cameras in any country, including Indonesia. And that’s the reason Fujifilm began popping up among its enthusiasts. Started with mini photo session which is held by 6 initiator, there was a first gathering in January 2016. Enthusiasm made that WhatsApp group developed even more bigger, thus Fujiguys Indonesia was born, as a home for Fujifilm enthusiasts.

The main purpose is gathering Fujifilm enthusiasts in Indonesia, also sharing experiences with fellow Fujifilm photographer to take good pictures. Now, Fujiguys Indonesia spreads around large-scales, in several cities, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya also Medan.

Not only photo session or hunting, they are also offering specific discussion via Telegram. Room sharing in Telegram was made based on photography genre, there are human interest, landscape, food, macro also FGI Girls – for women members. Those rooms sharing provided top secret photography tips and advises from professional mentors. Please kindly check Fujiguys Indonesia’s website for further information down below.