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Fully Furnished Boarding House in Menteng

By Eskanisa R

26 August 2020

Starts from 3.1 million rupiahs per month.

Photo source: Rukita

For those who work in Sudirman and Thamrin areas, could be considering this kost (boarding house) nearby to avoid heavy rush hours. And this exclusive kost would be your ideal choice for safe, comfortable yet strategic rooms for mobilizing daily. Unlike other kost, Rukita Menteng Kudus offering co-living spaces have furnished rooms complete with social facilities to have interest group activities and events.

Photo source: Rukita
All modern minimalist rooms are equipped with AC, private bathroom, free laundry service and Wi-Fi to keep you connected around. Spending for 3.1 million rupiahs per month, you can also enjoy spaces create a setting for socialization like common areas, sharing kitchen, living room as well as rooftop as their best spot to witness a picturesque view of the sunset in this busting city.

Photo source: Rukita
The rooftop is not very high, still perfect to unwind, taking selfies or hanging out with others thanks to the wooden ornaments and domination of white colours. The beanbag also add comfort to make your day sweeter.
Located in Menteng area, you can easily access Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station, Sudirman Station, and some TransJakarta bus stops within 7 minute-walk. Even if your office is not in Central Jakarta, you can also access public transportations from here. As you need anything for lunch or dinner, you can visit Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia or 1/15 Coffee within 5 kilometres from Rukita Menteng Kudus.

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Rukita Menteng Kudus
Jl. Kudus No. 4, Dukuh Atas, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

More Information:

Phone: 08111546477