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Fun Activity Ideas for Spending Your Holidays at Home with Children

By Isny Dewi R

29 December 2020

Activity ideas that you can try with your children so that the end of 2020 holidays at home remains fun.

Photo source: Pexels
The year-end holiday season has arrived. This year's end holiday is different because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, where we are asked to stay at home to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus. Even though it's only at home, that doesn't mean there aren't any activities you can do during the holidays. Summarized from several sources, here are four activity ideas that you can try with your children so that the end of 2020 holidays at home remains fun.
1. Drawing or Painting
Children usually really like this one activity, because they can be creative with pictures and colors. Just provide white papers or cloth, coloring tools, either colored pencils, crayons, markers, or watercolors. Invite your little one to draw whatever they want on the media provided. This can encourage children's creativity and imagination as well as introduce them to colors.
When finished, ask them to tell you about the picture they made. For example, ask them what they drew? Why choose that object? Why choose these colors? etc. This can train your children to be good at talking, as well as teach them to be responsible for the work they have created.
There is no need to question the logic of the pictures they make or the answers they give. Because the most important thing is that your children can be creative and they are not bored at home.
2. Playing Puzzles
Playing puzzles or random pictures is also fun, especially for children. This game can make your little one feel curious and interested in arranging pieces of pictures so that they are neatly arranged into one clear picture.
Launching ABC News, in addition to stimulating the child's brain to think, playing puzzles also takes a curious child's focus until the picture is perfectly composed.
3. Watching Educational Shows
If you want to do more relaxed activity, you can invite your little one to watch educational shows that match their interests and of course also entertain.
Launched CHOC Children, if your child likes animals, then you can play animal shows. In addition to watching shows, you also have to always be with them while they are watching, so that you can explain about the shows they are watching, and provide proper understanding of these shows.
4. Home Camping
If you previously planned to camp with your family at a tourist spot and were forced to abandon it because of the pandemic, you can outsmart it by camping in the yard. If not possible, camping indoor is fine, too.
If you want to camp outside, you can use a small tent. But, if you want to do indoor, you can use chairs and then cover them with a long cloth to form a tent in the house. After that, arrange carpets, pillows, blankets, or others to make an atmosphere like you're camping.
Even though you are camping at home, this activity still fun for the children because they do something different than usual. If they usually sleep in the room, this time they will sleep in a tent with a different atmosphere.

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