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Fun Facts about Crazy Awesome Teachers on Netflix

By Isny Dewi R

27 August 2020

Crazy Awesome Teachers has released on Netflix since 17 August 2020.

Photo source: Instagram @netflixid
The original Indonesian Netflix film, Crazy Awesome Teachers (Guru-Guru Gokil), has released on the streaming platform since 17 August 2020.
The film tells the story of Taat (Gading Marten), a teacher who has the ambition to succeed. But unfortunately, he often failed. For Taat, success is the same as having a lot of money. However, circumstances make Taat has to be a substitute teacher in a school. At the same time, an incident happened to the teachers at the school. But the incident that changed Taat's view of money, success, and teacher dedication.
Compiled from various sources, here are some fun facts about the Crazy Awesome Teachers that you should know:
1. Dian Sastro's Debut as a Producer
In the Crazy Awesome Teachers film, the talented actress Dian Sastrowardoyo is not only one of the actors, she also worked as a producer. Yes, this film is Dian Sastro's debut as a producer.
Launching, according to Dian Sastro, being a film producer teaches many valuable experiences to her. As a cast, she is more involved in the creative process, it is different when she becomes a producer. Dian has to deal with other producers as well as investors.
"Who wants to buy the product. It's like how our knowledge of this film must be good. Our product knowledge must be good. Then we have to have a selling point, 'Why the film? What's unique?' So you have to really master it," said Dian Sastro, quoted from
2. Gading Marten is the Main Actor
Actor Gading Marten was lined up to be the main character in the Crazy Awesome Teachers film. He played the role of Taat Pribadi, a man who failed to become an MC. Taat is depressed for his failure. He then decided to change his profession to become a substitute teacher.
Photo source: Instagram @netflixid
"He tried the entertainment world, but in the end, it didn't work. Until finally he was stressed, all kinds of depression," said Gading Marten. "And at that time Taat found an opportunity to come back to life again as a substitute teacher. So the journey of Taat began there," he continued, quoted from
3. Available on Netflix
Crazy Awesome Teachers were originally planned to be premiered in cinemas all over Indonesia in April 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic required cinema networks to be temporarily closed and caused this film to fail to be premiered according to the planned time.
Until finally, the Crazy Awesome Teachers team decided to switch to a digital streaming platform, Netflix. Finally, the film has premiered on 17 August 2020. The film has been officially proposed by Netflix to be their original film and is premiered exclusively in 190 countries with 17 subtitles.

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