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Fun Family Game Ideas while Waiting Iftar

By Eskanisa R

10 May 2020

Make your Iftar more enjoyable with these family games.

You probably find yourself bored during this pandemic which remained you to stay at home for an undetermined period. Hence, next time you are bored, make sure to put that good energy to ‘do things’ playing these games with your family.

1. Monopoly

Even this classic game available for free on digital platform (App Store and Play Store), old form of monopoly (board game) still on high demand. This simple, fun game actually encourages every players to sharpen their skills of plan, strategize, and prioritize also organize their money wisely.

2. Heads Up!

Next fun yet hilarious game for small group of family is Heads Up! Carrying concept of guessing words which can be download for free through App Store and Play Store, Heads Up! is easy to play. A player holds phone in front of his/her forehead, while other players provide instructions related to the words (answers) which should be guessed by phone holder. At least four people can play this game which divided into two teams. The more people play, the more enjoyable that game will be.

3. Twister

Speaking about board games, another fun as game as well as light exercise during your self-quarantine is Twister. This one is not just fun game, rather a good choice to train your motor skills. You can easily find and purchase Twister on various e-commerce. A set of Twister consists of colourful pads (wide carpet with blue, green, yellow and red colours), a spinner (consists of four parts; right hand, left hand, right foot and left foot) to give instruction where players should place their hands or feet, and instructions.

Players should rotate the spinner and place their hands or feet based on the spinner. To be a winner, do not lay your elbows and knees to the carpet no matter how hard the poses are. The more people play, the more difficult poses will be.



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