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Fun Family Time at Waterbom Jakarta!

Fun Family Time at Waterbom Jakarta!

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Weekend is already near. You may have planned a family recreation, right? If you haven’t, Check In Jakarta has a recommendation for you. Waterbom Jakarta is a great place to release the tense after a week full of activities. You can bring your family or friends along to swim and have fun here.

The Waterbom which has been operated since 2007, is always crowded by visitors because of the fun pools they have. The first one is Aquatube, a serpentine tube slide that is 118 meters long and ends in a swimming pool. There is also Speed Slide, the fastest slide in Waterbom that will bring you to speed up from the height of 20.7 meters. No additional equipment (such as tube) needed. You just have to slide your body. Do you dare to try?

Photo source: http://www.waterbom-jakarta.com

If you want a more relaxed slide, there is The Hairpin, where you and 3 other persons will slide on a tube along the wavy track that will give a sensation of rafting on air. Next, there is The Whizzard, which is similar to Speed Slide but using a mattress as the vehicle. The last one that you must try is Twizter. It is a giant cup on which you will slide through a tunnel then spinning for a few times on the cup walls before being sucked into the second tunnel that will lead you to the swimming pool. Sounds fun, right?

You can feel the nature concept from the tall tropical trees around that will make the air cool and breezy. For the entrance ticket, it starts from Rp100,000 per person. Interested? Let’s bring family along to have fun at Waterbom Jakarta!


Jl. Pantai Indah Barat No. 1, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia





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Senin-Jumat: 10.00