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Fun Learn at Sindang Barang Cultural Village

By Eskanisa R

12 Jul 2019

Pleasant educational tourism spot in Bogor.

Speaking about tourist destination for weekend in Bogor is not only Botanical Garden or waterfalls, also cultural tourist destination you should visit with whole family, Sindang Barang Cultural Village.

Sindang Barang Cultural Village was believed to be the oldest village in Bogor. This indigenous residential area has existed around 12th century. In this place, at least eight kinds of cultures was born and developed include Seren Taun traditional ceremony.

For Sunda Wiwitan community (belief in forces of nature and ancestral spirits), Seren Taun is an annual ceremony to show their gratitude to the God Almighty for abundance of crops. The ceremony holding diverse rituals with cultural values, such as Buyung dance.

Just like other tourist destination villages in Indonesia, Sindang Barang Cultural Village offers you serenity, great ambience with cultural values. You also can learn about the history of this village with sesepuh (the elders).

There is also an ancient relic, Taman Sri Bagenda, in the form of a long pond with punden berundak (multi-storey building) you can enjoy after pass rice field and river and you won’t find that kind of scenery in other tourist destinations. Here, you will also be spoiled with activities of women pounding rice using lisung (place to pound rice), cooking with hawu (traditional stove) and firewood also farming.

Sindang Barang Cultural Village open from 9am every day. It costs for Rp25.000 per person, you and your whole family will have some fun yet memorable insights here.


Kampung Budaya Sindang Barang
Jl. Endang Sumawijaya, Sindang Barang, Desa Pasir Eurih, Kecamatan Tamansari, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16631

Open Hours:

09.00 – 17.00 WIB

More Information: