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Fun Things to do while Waiting for Iftar

By Eskanisa R

03 May 2020

To keep you busy and distracted, here are fun activities while waiting Iftar.

In this second week of Ramadan, what kind of fun activities you have done to keep busy and distracted in the hours before Iftar? This year, Muslim in the world should face different Iftar due to COVID-19 pandemic, where people cannot meet their friends to get Iftar together and praying taraweeh at the mosque, it does not mean you are running out of ideas to have enjoyable Iftar.

1. Watch Islamic Lectures and Study Quran Online

During this pandemic, Muslim can still watch Islamic lectures and study Quran online. You can watch and listen various Islamic lectures through YouTube or applications you can download for free through Play Store such as umma, Ceramah Islam, and Kajian Islam for deepening knowledge and faith during Ramadan.

2. Painting

Nowadays, popular platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram flooded with works of watercolor painting. While waiting for Iftar, you can also try this fun activities. Supplies you need are quite simple including paints, paintbrushes, pallets, water and various media like canvas, unused CD, phone cases even your (canvas) shoes. You can start with drawing sketch or even paint freely. It is highly recommended to leave your painting for at least 30 minutes (no touching or rubbing) until it is fully dry.

3. Decluttering the Closet

To ensure your closet did not change its function like storeroom, you can start decluttering with these simple ways:

First thing first, remove all things from your closet. Fold all clothes neatly, make a group based on type of clothes and colors such as shirts, pants, jackets and others, and place into your closet.

While you put back those clothes into the closet, make sure ones you wear most placed at the very top of the pile for easy picking. For certain types of clothes based on its materials like suits, jackets, dresses or blouses which easily wrinkled, make sure to use hangers to keep them neat.



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