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Furniture Hunting at Klender Furniture Market

Furniture Hunting at Klender Furniture Market


Are you looking for furniture for your house or office? Just stop by to Klender, East Jakarta. This area is a market for cheap furniture in Jakarta. Along the way from Klender to Pondok Bambu, you will see furniture displayed in front of each furniture store. The price here is definitely cheaper than you have to go all the way to Jepara, Central Java, and the collection here is pretty complete. If you don’t find the furniture that suits your taste, you can even make custom made furniture. But, the price will be higher than the ready stock one. Don’t worry, with the high price you will also get a high quality furniture. No wonder, Jakarta’s people have known this area as furniture market. Curious?


Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi, Klender, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia