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Gambir Station Long-distance Train Will Move to Manggarai Station

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15, October 2019

Long-distance Train (KA) services at Gambir Station in Central Jakarta, will be moved to Manggarai Station in South Jakarta, starting in 2021. For further, Gambir Station will only be used for Electric Rail (KRL) services and special trains, such as Tourist Train, Presidential Train, as well as train for officials. While Pasar Senen Station will continue to serve long-distance trains for economy trains.

The idea of making Manggarai Station as the center for the operation of various train services has actually been designed since the 1980s. The concept has been through various studies until finally its development can be realized and will begin operating in 2021.

Head of Public Relations Directorate General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation, Supandi, said that the construction of the Manggarai station is one of the Manggarai - Cikarang Double-Double Track (DDT) projects to increase capacity.

According to Supandi, this transfer was carried out because Manggarai Station was more likely to develop service capacity than Gambir Station. "So this is easier to develop than at Gambir Station which has been stuck like that. Moreover, Gambir Station is part of ring 1," Supandi said.

Later the long-distance train line will be on the second floor along with the Bogor Line train. While on the first floor will serve the Bekasi Line and the Airport Train. Both of these floors have many lines so they can accommodate various types of trains and commuter lines.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.