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Gang Hijau Spread the Urban Farming Benefits

By Isny Dewi R

08 April 2019

Gang Hijau enthusiastic about urban farming.

Many people in big cities rarely do farming activities, reason number one because there is no land. In fact, even without the availability of land, we can still do grow crops. Like what this community have done, Gang Hijau. The environmental preserver community is still enthusiastic about farming even though they live in a metropolitan city.

The farming method in the style of urban communities or better known as urban farming is the main activity of this community. Gang Hijau has been an urban farming activist in the Cempaka Putih neighbourhood for the past 6 years. Is Adian Sudiana, the person behind the establishment of this community. The man who is often called Mr. Dian is one of the driving motivators of urban farming in his region.

Initially he only intended to create a green environment around his region. But it turned out that the idea was in line with the work program of the Jakarta administration. Finally Mr. Dian and the Jakarta administration launched the Gang Hijau program.

Gang Hijau is managed by the Farmers Group, the Farmers' Women Group, and the Gang Hijau community which involves a number of Neighbourhood Groups (RT) in the Cempaka Putih Timur. Since 2011, people who have joined often harvest vegetables and fruit. Even Cempaka Putih Timur is often used as a model for urban farming by other regions. As an activist for urban farming, Mr. Dian also continues to educate local people to keep up the spirit of promoting urban farming.

Gang Hijau plants productive crops that are not only beneficial for greening the environment, but also bring in income, such as planting vegetables and fruit that can be sold if they have harvested. The government also often provides assistance such as equipment and plant seeds.

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