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A Story of Food Industry with Many Various Products

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
21, April 2016

Did you realize that the company which started from Kacang Garuda product is now highly developed? Yup, GarudaFood is a subsidiary of Tudung Group. At first, GarudaFood has a name of PT Tudung Putra Jaya (TPJ) and established in Pati, Central Java, by the late Darmo Putro.

In the beginning of 1987, TPJ started to populariz Kacang Garing Garuda product which now known as Kacang Garuda. This product has already got many awards such as Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) in 2000-2015, Superbrands in 2003-2004, Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA) in 2004-2015, and Top Brand (2007-2015). Astonished enough? Keep reading, the story still goes on!

In 1994, GarudaFood established their first own distributor, which is PT Sinar Niaga Sejahtera (SNS). When the crisis struck in December 1997, GarudaFood established PT GarudaFood Jaya instead. In 1998, GarudaFood acquired PT Triteguh Manunggal Sejati (TRMS) as jelly producer and launched a jelly food with the name of Kiki Jelly, which then changed its name to Okky Jelly.

While keep developing and innovating, Gery wafer was launched in 2001 and in 2002 the Okky Jelly jelly drink and Pilus Garuda snack was launched.

The development of this company has a result of awards winning like IBBA in 2005-2015 for Okky Jelly; 2005-2009, 2011-2013, and 2015 for Gery Saluut wafer product; and 2000-2015 for Gery Chocolatos.

There are still a lot of stories about the journey of other GarudaFood products which developed from year to year that you can see it from GarudaFood’s site from info and contact detail column below.

If you see products of Ting Ting candy, Mountea tea drink, Leo snack, MYTEA oolong tea in a bottle, and innovations of stick wafer, which one of them is Berrygood wafer stick, those products are also under the GarudaFood group.

So now, GarudaFood Group already has three lines of business in food, beverages, and distribution field. With 15 private production factories, contracts with 9 food factories and 5 beverage factories, also distribution to more than 290.000 outlets in 18 regions of Indonesia.

Not forgetting about export to outside of the country, so you can find GarudaFood products in 21 other countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, and Australia. Wow!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief