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Get Maximum Relaxation with Tangas Betawi Massage at Ayana Spa

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05, February 2020

For most people in big cities like Jakarta, spa is one way to get relax and restore body's freshness. But if you want to try a spa that is inspired by Indonesian culture, you should come to Ayana Spa. Because the spa located in AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta, offers Tangas Betawi massage.

Tangas Betawi itself is signature steam bath of Betawinese. At Ayana Spa, this massage uses warmer oil to provide relaxing effect. Before starting the spa, you are advised to enter a warm sauna room for 30 to 45 minutes to open your body skin pores, as well as a detoxification process.

After warming up in sauna room, Tangas Betawi massage process begins. Before starting the massage, the therapist will ask how strong the massage pressure you want. The massage starts from your feet to your upper body. The therapist will ask which parts of your body that you want to get the focus of the massage.

During the massage process, you will feel warm sensation from the oil used so that your body feels more relaxed. The oil used for Tangas Betawi massage comes from soybeans, because it is easier to absorb into the body, and does not cause a sticky effect.

After 90 minutes massage, you will be asked again to soak in warm water to make your body more relax. And the spa process is finished. Tangas Betawi massage at Ayana Spa is perfect for those who want to relax theirr body after struggling with so many tiring activities. Before coming, don't forget to make a reservation first.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @ayanajakarta

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.