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Get or Give Your Ride Here

Get or Give Your Ride Here


This unique community initiated to give or find ride to reduce traffic problems in big cities, like Jakarta. Established December 7th 2011, Nebengers known as a media for those who find or want to share ride. Originally, Nebengers only available on Twitter. To find or share the ride, Nebengers member should mention @nebengers on Twitter.

If there is Nebengers member go same direction, it will continue with dealing, like sharing fuel, freeway cost or meals. To find a ride through Twitter is not that easy. Using CariTebengan hashtag on Twitter is tricky.

When you type CariTebengan hashtag, the result sometimes shows those who give a ride from Jakarta to city outside, like Bandung. Nebengers CEO decided to launch mobile application to facilitate Nebengers member.

You can download the application on Google Play Store and App Store. It surely facilitate members to find or share a ride easier. First thing first, you should sync that application with your Twitter or Facebook account.

The main menu shows favourite route, like Jakarta – Bandung or otherwise. You can find other member who give a ride. You can also share a ride, by motorcycle or car, an hour before ride.

Your location, destination, other information like car type, seat available, time and price (free or sharing cost) should be completed before ride. It way more effective to reduce traffic problem, also provide opportunity to make new friends. So, where are you going?