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Get Rid of Tired After Work at Fit & Spa Lounge

By Isny Dewi R

22 January 2020

Pullman Central Park has fitness and body treatment facility called Fit and Spa Lounge.

One of the fun things you can do to get rid of fatigue after a day of work is with a massage. It's not difficult to find a place to be able to enjoy a massage in Jakarta. If you work in Letjen S. Parman area, West Jakarta, you can stop by Pullman Jakarta Central Park hotel. Because here there is a spa that will restore your body with pampering massage.

Yes, the hotel that integrates with Central Park Mall has fitness and body treatment facility called Fit and Spa Lounge. The spa menu they offer, from full body massage, reflexology, facial, to waxing. For those who want to eliminate fatigue after work, it's worth trying body massage and scrub that is intended for relaxation.

The spa booth at Fit & Spa Lounge is quite spacious and comfortable, and is decorated with natural shades with predominance of gray and brown. Before the body massage treatment begins, your feet will be cleaned first using soap and warm water.

After wearing a bath robe, you will be asked to choose one of four variants of massage oil, Relax Oil, Sensual Oil, Hope Oil and Strength Oil. The four oils have different benefit, choose according to your body's needs.

If you want to relax your body, we recommend you choosing Hope Oil. This oil is a combination of ylang ylang, cinnamon, and other ingredients that can relax your body and mind. After choosing massage oil, body massage treatment begins.

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The massage process will begin by applying gentle pressure on the leg area, towards the back, hands and shoulders. Then, the massage will continue on the front of your body. You can also ask the therapist what level of massage strength you want.

This body massage treatment lasts about one hour. After that, it will be followed by scrubbing to shed your dead skin cells. For this process, the therapist uses scrub made from green tea, because it contains antioxidant which can increase skin's resistance to pollution. Other benefits, green tea scrub can also soften and brighten your skin.

After bathing and cleaning, the therapist will give you a cup of ginger tea and cookies. Out of here, you will feel your body fresher and relaxed. Come on, stop by here after work!

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